Pasqua ‘Desire, Lush & Zin’ Primitivo 2019 70cl

Pasqua ‘Desire, Lush & Zin’ Primitivo 2019 70cl


Love big, bold, fruity reds? Then you’ve almost certainly tried Californian Zinfandel – and Italian Primitivo. But did you know they’re the same grape? The different names signify different styles of the same wine. Zinfandel tends to be super-smooth, soft and sweetly fruity. Primitivo isn’t as sweet or fruity, and has firm tannins. This wine is a crossover, combining elements of each style into a seriously moreish wine. Rich. Velvety. Intensely fruity. It’s got a really silky texture and lush, ripe black-fruity flavours. Think blackberry, plum, cherries and a hint of black pepper. You’ll struggle to find a more approachable wine. It’s fantastic with red meat, or olive oil and tomato-rich vegetable dishes.


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